On this page you will find description and links to some selected albums.

Wedding 2004

Our wedding took place on 02.04.2004. Ceremony photos here, and some from after here.

Canada 2005

I split the pictures from our vacation in Canada into 4 separate albums: Six Mile Lake with images from the cottage and the lake, Caledon and Toronto showing where Heide lives and giving some impressions of downtown Toronto, some impressions from Niagara Falls and Niagara-On-The-Lake, and finally Hanna and her Canadian family.

Travels and others

I went to Vilnius in late November/early December. Impressions are available from the university and from the city. Also, pictures from our visit to Stockholm for Elisabeth's birthday.


Some autumn impressions from our appartment. Visitors in our Gryphiusstrasse apartment you find in an extra album and pictures from Xmas 2005 as well. Also you may find some images of our cats. Hanna has made some pictures of the plants on our terrace in May 2006. When I was in hospital, Hanna informed me with these pictures and there are pictures from our terrace in July 2006 as well.